FSA flag variant

Proposed flag of the Revolution.

After the Revolutionary Fact refers to Matthew's term for the FSA after the Antarctic Revolution. It deals with those who want to re-colonize Antarctica, and those who are angry that a new country is communist/socialist. It also deals with getting countries to recognize the FSA.


The Antarctic Treaty, which Matthew doesn't like, will be used to re-colonize Antarctica to what it original was. The first and an important (but the most important step) step is to cite the loopholes in the Antarctic Treaty and getting lawyers to agree with the new FSA government.

If a government will want to impose it's rule by force against the new country, than a military should be built just in case. It would also be helpful to any other possible attacks.

Anti-socialist/anti-communist hatred to the new country

Anti-communist hatred, especially from the far-right, will be a problem for the new country says Matthew. He proposes to ignore it but if it becomes a problem to get support of socialist and communist countries.


Matthew proposes getting communist/socialist countries to recognize the FSA and to use the courts to get other countries' to recognize the Federated States.

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