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Antarctic Dollar

$5 to $500 notes



ISO 4217 code: AAD
Official User: Federated States of Antarctica
Pegged To: United States Dollar
Subunits: 1/10 (Dime), 1/100 (Cent), 1/1000 (Mill)
Symbols: Dollar ($), Cent (¢), Mill (₥)
Nicknames: Emp, Buck, penguins, Amundsens, Mawsons, Magellans, Scotts, Shackletons
Coins: 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1, $2
Banknotes: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500
Central Bank: Antarctic Federal Bank

The Antarctic dollar, occasionally called the Antarctican dollar, is the national currency of the Federated States of Antarctica. At the present time, it is pegged to the United States Dollar. However, negotiations are being held within the GAMA to determine a universal value of currency within the Antarctic continent.


The Antarctic dollar uses the decimal system, consisting of 100 equal cents (symbol ¢). In another division, there are 1,000 mills (Symbol ₥) to one dollar. This unit is used for tax purposes and not for general use as there is no coin denomination in that value.


The most common colloquialisms for the Antarctic Dollar are the buck (which is used for the currency of various nations, including the U.S. Dollar, upon which the Antarctic dollar is based) and the emp, which is short for Emperor Penguin, the species featured on the reverse side of the $1 coin. For the same reason, dollars can also be called penguins. The nickname Grand is also used for the amount of $1,000. Other Nicknames are based on denominations: Amundsens ($5), Mawsons ($10), Magellans ($20), Scotts ($100), and Shackletons ($500).


Coins share the same size as their equivalent denominations in U.S. and Canadian currency. Each coin has an identical design on the obverse side that includes the word "Antarctica", the mint year, and the value (expressed in either dollars or cents) printed inside of an impression of the Antarctic continent. The reverse side features a species endemic to Antarctica, along with the coin value expressed in words, and the national motto "Peace Justice Liberty Equality". A barely visible mint mark ("Ma" for Magellan or "Mc" for McMurdo City) is also present.

The banknote design was inspired by both Canadian and European currency. A different color is used for each denomination, based on the six basic colors of the rainbow. The "cooler" colors represent lower value denominations and the "hotter" colors represent higher value denominations. The obverse side features a portrait of an Antarctic explorer and the denomination value in two corners. The portrait alternates between right and left side for each successive denomination. In the middle of the note is a holographic impression in the shape of the Antarctic continent with a serial number superimposed on it. The reverse side features a scenery portrait of an Antarctic environment


Value Obverse Reverse Common Name
Value indication Orca Penny
Value indication Albatross Nickel
10¢ Value indication Krill Dime
25¢ Value indication Antarctic Fur Seal Quarter
50¢ Value indication Weddell Seal Halfpiece
$1 Value indication Emperor Penguin Emp
$2 Value indication Snow Petrel Petrel


Value Obverse Reverse Color
$5 Roald Amundsen Ross Sea Iceberg Violet
$10 Sir Douglas Mawson Gentoo penguins on Antarctic Peninsula Blue
$20 Ferdinand Magellan Taylor Valley Green
$50 Capt. James Cook Snow Petrel nest on South Georgia Island Yellow
$100 Robert Falcon Scott Antarctic Peninsula icy coastline Orange
$500 Ernest Shackleton Mount Melbourne Red

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