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A proposed flag for the revolution.

The Antarctic Revolution is a plan to settle Antarctica, formally secede from the United States, and create a socialist society on the continent.

Flag Planting

The first step in the Antarctic Revolution will be to make exploratory visits to the continent by citizens of the Federated States. Likely sites of such visits are James Ross Island in Alyeska and the Bunger Hills Oasis in East Antarctica. A group of scouts will fly to Punta Arenas or Ushuaia and take a charter flight to James Ross Island to plant the flag of the Federated States. Another group of scouts will do the same in Bunger Hills, however the details of how this would be accomplished have yet to be determined.

Initial Settlement

Initial settlements at Bunger Hills and James Ross Island will likely consist of airplane hangars that will contain house trailers, office trailers, and converted shipping containers.

Thirteen Original Colonies

The core settlements of the Federation are as follows:


The first settlers will formally declare independence in an elaborate ceremony in which the United States flag is lowered and the Federated States flag is raised.