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== Etymology ==
== Etymology ==
Bellinsgauzenia gains its name in honor of the man who discovered Antarctica in January 1820, [[Wikipedia:Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen|Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen]]. Bellingshausen (pronounced bell-ings-house-en) was an ethnic [[Wikipedia:Baltic German|Baltic German]] born in modern day [[Wikipedia:Estonia|Estonia]], than part of the [[Wikipedia:Russian Empire|Russian Empire]]. At the age of ten, he enlisted in the Imperial Russian Navy. He was selected by Czar Alexander I to lead a Russian expedition to explore the south pole. On January 27, 1820, Bellingshausen and his crew would become the first Europeans to set eyes on Antarctica. Setting foot near the modern day coastline of [[Wikipedia:Alexander I Island|Alexander I Island]] (named by Bellingshausen in honor of Czar Alexander I), he would soon encircle the continent before returning to Russia.
[[File:Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen.jpg|thumb|left|Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen.]]
The first use of the term "Bellinsgauzenia" was by Governor Moore as part of an Alternate History project about Antarctica. Inspired by how [[Wikipedia:Colombia|Colombia]] was named in honor of [[Wikipedia:Christopher Columbus|Christopher Columbus]], but hispanicized in honor of both Columbus's Spanish roots and the Spanish speaking country. Moore did the same concept, but russifized. The Russian name for Bellingshausen is Беллинсгаузен (''Byellinsgauzen''). The suffix "-ia" (meaning the land of in many languages) is added, giving the name Bellinsgauzenia. In English, it would be pronounced [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:IPA for English|/bɛl.ɪn.sɡɔː.zɛn.iːə/]], ''bell-ing-SGOW-zen-ee-ah''.
The name ''Bellinsgauzenia'' was coined in honor of {{W|Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen}}. Bellingshausen was an officer of the {{W|Imperial Russian Navy}}, who is most noted for leading the expedition which (on January 27, 11820) discovered the long sought-after {{W|Terra Australis}} (modern day {{W|Antarctica}}).
The name was coined by [[Devon Moore]] in 12010 to describe a fictional Russian nation on the continent. Inspired by how the nation of {{W|Colombia}} gained its name, ''Bellinsgauzenia'' would translate as the "land of Bellingshausen." Moore preferred to use Bellingshausen's {{lang|Russian}} name (Беллинсгаузен, ''Bellinsgauzen''), to further note the Russian history of Antarctica in general. The name is pronounced {{W|Wikipedia:IPA for English|/bɛl.ɪn.sɡɔː.zɛn.iːə/}} (''bell-ing-SGOW-zen-ee-ah'').
== Territory ==
== Territory ==

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State of Bellinsgauzenia
État de Bellinsgauzenie
Государство Беллинсгаузения

Flag of Bellinsgauzenia Seal of Bellinsgauzenia
Flag Seal
Location of Bellinsgauzenia
Location of Bellinsgauzenia (red)

The Midnight Sun State
Fraternity and Sorority
"Farewell of Slavianka"

Capital: Amery
Largest city: Oazisdar
Other cities: St. Anastasia
None (de jure)
  Regional: English, French,
and Russian (de facto)
Demonym: Bellinsgauzenian
Legislature: Supreme Soviet
Governor: Devon Moore (WPA)
Ranked 1st
  Land:   3,093
Established: January 25, 12009
Time zone: CT to IT
  UTC: (UTC+3 to +9)
Abbreviations: BA, Bel.

The State of Bellinsgauzenia (Russian: Штат Беллинсгаузения Shtat Bellinsgauzeniya, French: État de Bellinsgauzenie) is one of the seven states that makes up the Federated States of Antarctica. The state was founded on January 25, 12009 and would remain with no true government until the signing of the state constitution on October 29, 12009. The first Governor of the state is Devon Moore, who took the office in on August 22, 12009. Currently the state holds the most potential territory of all the states, but officially claims only a few ice-free areas that would make it the third-largest in area. In terms of ice-free land, the state ranks largest of all formally claimed areas in the Federation. Prior to May 25, 12010, Bellinsgauzenia was known as East Antarctica.

Etymology Edit

Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen

Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen.

The name Bellinsgauzenia was coined in honor of Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen. Bellingshausen was an officer of the Imperial Russian Navy, who is most noted for leading the expedition which (on January 27, 11820) discovered the long sought-after Terra Australis (modern day Antarctica).

The name was coined by Devon Moore in 12010 to describe a fictional Russian nation on the continent. Inspired by how the nation of Colombia gained its name, Bellinsgauzenia would translate as the "land of Bellingshausen." Moore preferred to use Bellingshausen's Russian name (Беллинсгаузен, Bellinsgauzen), to further note the Russian history of Antarctica in general. The name is pronounced /bɛl.ɪn.sɡɔː.zɛn.iːə/ (bell-ing-SGOW-zen-ee-ah).

Territory Edit

Oblasts of East Antarctica

The jurisdictions of Bellinsgauzenia.

Like most of the states of the Federated States, Bellinsgauzenia is bordered to the south on the 82nd parallel, and bordered to the north by the 60th parallel. The state is further divided by 37.5°E to the west, and 142.5°E to the east. Bellinsgauzenia is the largest state of the Federation, with a total area of roughly 2,100,000 square miles (making it almost as larges as India). However, the currently claimed area includes most of the ice-free areas of the state that are not under foreign sovereignty. This lowers the area to around 3,093 square miles (around the size of Puerto Rico).

Oblasts Edit

Similar to how Louisiana uses parishes (against the norm of counties), Bellinsgauzenia is divided into 12 oblasts. The term "oblast" is the traditional Slavic subdivision which can be province or region. Each of the oblasts of Bellinsgauzenia operates just like the county system of the United States.

Government Edit

The Constitution of the State of Bellinsgauzenia was officially put into place on October 29, 12009. The constitution forms the government of the state. The state is run by a Governor and a Lieutenant Governor. The state is legislated by the State Soviet.

Similar to the US state of Texas, Bellinsgauzenia is run on a republican form of government within the Federated States of Antarctica. State runs on the ideals of science and modernization.

Culture Edit

Bellinsgauzenia is currently undeveloped and has no culture. The state was officially nicknamed the "Science State" by Governor Moore, after the proposal that the state hold most of the scientific research in the country.


The Russian language is one of the de facto languages of Bellinsgauzenia.

Based on the assumption that the majority of Russian research stations are located in the state's borders, the Russian language has been named one of the de facto languages of the state (along with English). It is likely that the Russo-Slavic population will be centered around Oazisgrad and eastern Bellinsgauzenia. Whether or not this will happen is speculation.

Bellinsgauzenia is scheduled to have the strictest restriction of religion in the entire country, in which the state will have a defining line between church and state. No law will be placed that denies religious belief and practice, but laws will be placed on government and public buildings and settings. For instance, a home celebrating Christmas will be allowed to decorate their home inside and out, but a privately owned public business is restricted to no decorations. Schools will not be allowed to show any religious sentiment to one religion over another. Religious symbolism is banned from government buildings (schools in particular).

The State of Bellinsgauzenia will be the first government in history to have no laws banning the use or possession of drugs and narcotics. For non-pharmaceutical drugs (marijuana and methamphetamine for instance) is illegal for minors to possess, and public intoxication is punishable by a strict fine to imprisonment. Taxes will be placed on non-pharmaceutical drugs, and no law shall be passed that denies these drugs.

Settlements Edit

Main: List of settlements of Bellinsgauzenia
East Antarctica atlas

An atlas of Bellinsgauzenia.

All potential settlements of Bellinsgauzenia are to be located in the ice free areas within the jurisdiction of Bellinsgauzenia.

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