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RebelFighter1995 RebelFighter1995 14 September 2011

Activity needed

Please put comments in the comments section :)

We need more activity in the wiki, even if you are planning the Antarctic Revolution in the real life, please at least put one edit per 3 days. This Wikia will serve as records of the FSA before the Anatarctic Revolution and even after.

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RebelFighter1995 RebelFighter1995 21 August 2011

How to carry out the Antarctic Revolution

  • Get a team of at least 5 people all which enough flags and guns (to protect against attacks, most likely from animals, and to hunt) to carry the Revolution and stay safe.
  • Get a macronation to support the Revolution and to recognize it (it can be before, during or after the Revolution). Put your bets on a country that doesn't have an Antarctic claim or claims and is similar in government (like Venezuela)
  • Antarctica is a place for tourism, more than you might think. Do this at a time where they will be less tourism. DON'T DO IT ON WINTER, IT'S TOO COOL! If you can't find such a time, do not grab attention until the end of Revolution!!!
  • Put the flags across Antarctica, you don't have do it all at once.
  • Tell the world about the Revolution, Step 2 …
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