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A contingency community is a settlement designed to house ex-convicts, drug addicts, chronically unemployed, mentally ill, sex offenders, and other people who would otherwise have a high probability of being homeless. In most countries, such populations live on the streets, in makeshift camps, or in and out of homeless shelters. In Antarctica, such an existence would almost certainly result in death due to the harsh environment. In addition, the 27th Section of the Declaration of Rights requires that all citizens have a right to basic housing. Contingency communities ensure compliance with this requirement.

Disadvantaged populations

Contingency communities provide homes for those who have been evicted from other communities and are unable to find residence elsewhere. They also provide substance abuse treatment, counseling, and vocational rehabilitation services. Every contingency community has all of the amenities of other communities: libraries, parks, schools, etc. However, most limit or prohibit activities such as gambling and prostitution.

Sex offenders

Level 1 sex offenders are generally not required to live in contingency communities. Level 2 offenders are required to live in such communities. However, they are generally permitted unrestricted movement between the contingency community and other places. Level 3 offenders are often required to live in specific communities and are not allowed to leave without the permission of the court or probation officer. These "Level 3" communities are severely restricted: Prostitution, gambling, marijuana, alcohol, and pornography are all prohibited. Otherwise, the community has all of the amenities of other communities.

List of Contingency Communities


The following cities have contingency communities:

The following contingency communities are incorporated cities:

Prince Gustav Borough has a contingency community in an unincorporated part of the borough adjacent to Chinstrap.


  • Ferranto
  • Filchner

New South Greenland

Contingency communities are located in:

New Swabia

  • Kottas