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Flag of the Federated States
Flag of the Federated States of Antarctica.svg
Name The Gated Banner
Use Civil and state flag and ensign FIAV 110110.svg
Proportion 3:5
Adopted August 17, 12011
Design A Canadian pale of red-blue-red,
with seven, white stars in the blue field.
Designed by Devon Moore
Civil flag of the Federated States.svg
Use Civil flag and ensign FIAV 100100.svg
Proportion 3:5
Design A Canadian pale of red-blue-red
Designed by Devon Moore

The flag of the Federated States of Antarctica, also known as the Gated Banner, is a triband flag of red-blue-red, with seven, white stars in the central, blue field. The flag was designed by Devon Moore in 12009, but a varied version would be adopted from the original proposal.



The official colors of the flag are the traditional red, white, and blue. The colors were selected by President Powell to honor the historic colonial nations of Antarctica, particularly after the flag colors of Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The original proposal by Moore was to use orange and blue (particularly sky blue), as these were inspired by the two proposed flags for Antarctica. The original color scheme would be reused for the Flag of Bellinsgauzenia (but replacing blue with purple).

Canadian pale

According to the designer, the flag was inspired by the flag of Spain (often called a Spanish fess), but flipped vertically (making the flag a Canadian pale).

In the Antarctic flag, two red bands are placed on the hoist (point closest to the pole) and fly (point farthest from the pole) of the flag. Each band is one fifth (1/5) the size of the whole flag. A blue band is located in the center. This band is thee fifths (3/5) the width of the entire flag.

Seven stars

Much like the flag of the United States, the flag of the FSA contains one star for each state in the federation. The seven stars are placed in a circle, with the star's base pointing towards the center of the flag.

The original design placed the stars in a randomized order, which could be misinterpreted as the big dipper. Each star was placed in the order of their capital, represented by an invisible map of Antarctica within the blue field.


Moore has proposed that the flag design will represent a federation keeping Antarctica pure. The blue field with seven stars represents the Antarctic and the states. The two red bands represent a "gate" keeping the federation together, but also keeping Antarctica pure from the rest of the world and securing the sovereignty of the continent. It is because of this that the name "Gated Banner" has been used to desctibe the flag.

Historic flags

First national flag

The First national flag.

The first flag of the Federated States of Antarctica was a variant of the Graham Bartram flag, defaced with seven, red stars in the center. The flag was in use from March 17, 12009 until August 22 of the same year. Unlike the future designs, the first flag had a ratio of 2:3.

"Gated Constellation"

The second national flag.

The second flag design was proposed by Devon Moore in August 12009. Virtually similar to the current flag, but with the seven stars placed randomly across the blue field.

This design, known as the "Gated Constellation" (in reference to the random placement of the stars), was inspired by the flag of Tuvalu, which also places its stars in a randomized design. In reality, the design is meant to represent the location of the many island states, as viewed by a map. In the case for the second flag, the design was placed about to represent the capital of the state, as placed on an invisible map of Antarctica in the central blue field.

The Gated Constellation was adopted on August 22, 12009, and was finally replaced by the current design on August 17, 12011.


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