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The Heads of State are seven in number.


Ninurta Ninĝirsu
Inanna Anki
En Ki
Enlil Anki
Nannar Suen
Utu Anki
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Currency is backed by copper. The element of copper is a very important material because when compounded with unstable materials, you can produce new stable elements if you induce a high electromagnetic field at the right angle with a high nuclear radiation field to produce an over-crossing of fluctuating fields.

The fusion of copper with other elements in a magnetic/radiation field-chamber can produce a force field of special nature that is very useful for various technological tasks.

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High-tech plastics is the material used for the walls, floors and roofs of houses, the stores and the Pyramid Temple; also furniture, tables, beds, etc. The cloth is woven of a plastic thread softer than the finest modern silks, lighter in weight; and all of this is fire proof. To cleanse the cloth or bed linen you place it over an open flame and burn the impurities away. Beautiful jewels of all colors are made of plastic so hard the surface of a diamond is cut and powdered as if it were ordinary glass.

Many plastic spheres of all colors and sizes are there for special purposes and are treated so as to retain their power and influence.

High-tech plastic: Macerate the vegetation to very fine particles and mix with water. Boil this mash at a very high heat, strain off the liquid and reboil this as a high heat. Skim off all scum and strain the liquid again. Reboil the liquid again at high heat and strain through a final filter. Now subject this remaining liquid for 24 hours to an electronic process conditioning, under a high vibratory or high frequency condition to rearrange the polarity of the molecules. The liquid is then ready for pouring and molding. After having been molded it is still soft enough to carve immediately. After that the plastic sets and becomes harder each succeeding day. Machines are used for either heating or refrigerating their vicinity, by vibration. They now bathe their vicinity and above with cold vibrations. This undoubtedly makes the Antarctic colder than any other place on earth today. Tests were made by our group at the ice covered cities, of temperatures close to minus 150 deg. F.

The homes and all buildings are heated or cooled by hot or cold radiations from the walls and floors. The very color of the dwellings can be adjusted through a change in the color vibration control, and walls become opaque or transparent where and as desired by adjusting a switch in the walls.

Radio technology is without static noise; radio that operates and some how impresses upon the audio centers of the mind, music or voice messages. The television operates differently, inasmuch as the impulses seem to follow back to the source of our present day radio waves from the transmitting, and even into the studio at the microphone. The microphone seems to act as a pickup eye, and a view is given of any person or object in front of it. These radios are in all buildings and are powered from city power.


In the gardens are great shade trees and flowering plants, luxurious beyond belief, whose individual blooms often measure at least three feet in diameter. Very few insects are found here, with the exception of the butterflies, whose wing spread measures seven to eight feet across, and whose body would fill a large sized turkey platter. “They are as large as full sized eagles and are beautiful beyond words.”—Gladys Hefferlin

Fruit trees are smaller in size than the vast shade trees but they bear huge sized fruits. All in all, some of the fruits, though resembling the appearance of modern fruit, taste far different. One fruit colored and looking like a large apple tasted like a pear. A peach-like fruit has numerous seed pits and tastes like nothing else on earth. The same applies to berries, some that look similar to raspberries and blackberries. Vegetable seeds were found in storage cupboards in one room of the Rainbow Temple. This room contained at one end a large glowing ball of radiant energy. This is believed to have preserved these seeds these millions of years. The vegetables, although different in appearance from our common varieties, serve much the same purpose.

One large leaf type takes the place of lettuce, but grows into a head formation more like cabbage, Another green vegetable which even when ripe remains green, tastes similar to our tomatoes. Those of our group who were farmers or horticulturists in their youth and preferred this service, handle the working and harvesting of crops, using plows and other implements found there, powered by atomic or radio-active substance contained in a small metal box on the machine.

All conveniences and luxuries found in the city homes are also in the farm homes.

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Foreign Relations

Orion Empire.

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World Market

Human DNA and RNA for R&D in retrovirus cultivation.[1]


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Source: Trade Market




Sirius party–established the Great Colony on Antarctica in 12010, which set the archetypal pattern for mankind's civilisations.

Gladys Hefferlin is quoted saying:

“Such was the beginning of the fabled "Golden Age" of antiquity, spoken of in the ancient mythology of all peoples on Earth today. These may be the original "Seven Cities" hinted at in story and folk-lore of all mankind. Here is the heritage of Mankind in all of its wondrous beauty, its greatest knowledge and wisdom stored, waiting for the time when "mankind" shall have arisen once again from his own-made mire, and shall have earned the right to stand before his heritage, the true Brotherhood of all Creation.”

Sirius party takes pride in great libraries of books on all subjects, maintaining arid great laboratories with their own special libraries. All of these books are made of a special metal untarnished for millions of years. The leaves are of a silvery metal, gray in color and thin, light weight and flexible. The characters and symbols of the ancient tongue are etched in.

Their mathematics system is based upon the count of seven. In equations on all physical constants they use "seven over seven" instead of the modern "square root of minus one".

On mental and spiritual constants, ten over seven is used. If we would examine our modern periodic table of the elements in the hand book of Chemistry and Physics, we would find the key to the system of count as used so long ago, for both are based on natural law. A circle is divided by 2. 4, 8, 16, etc, never into 12.

Source: The Reptile that Walks Like a Man


Pyramid Complex

At the Pyramid Temple, there are five stories in the Temple proper. Above that are fire additional more stories in the pyramid-shaped structure topping the temple.

Below the main floor are five underground levels in the Temple basement. The fifth floor of the Temple has apartments for the three Heads of State, plus numerous apartments for Councilors and guests. In the door of each of the Ruler's and Councilor's apartments is a jewel of color designating the apartment's owner and rank or position.

On the fifth floor are great libraries and museums. The libraries are so arranged that they are accessible to the laboratories above them in the pyramid, as well as to the Head of State apartments. The pyramid top is equipped with laboratories and facilities for research and development (R&D), as well as an observatory for astronomy.

Below the fifth story, the second, third and fourth stories house museums of all types of machines.

One quarter of the first floor is devoted to the room of worship. Although this room is highly carved and elaborately decorated, it has only cube shaped altar at one end. On its top are two sockets for candles, a bowl for incense, a sloping ledge for a book, and a flat ledge for offering.

In a room opposite the Worship Room is the room of the Glowing Sphere that radiates out in all directions. The corridor leading to this room goes almost the full length of the room and here are cupboards that house the plant seeds. After turning the corridor corner one must go back the full length of the room to reach the Glowing Sphere.

The rear rooms of the first floor are devoted to hospital and medical research. It contains charts of the human system, showing the entire circulatory system, the nervous system, and all of the ducted and ductless glands. On the level immediately below are the dissecting rooms, with the necessary instruments for the study of the human body. It is here that the doctor-surgeon of our group spends much of his time studying the records and charts. He was once the court physician at the Palace in Budapest, Hungary and he finds great interest in his own department of R&D.

On the same level of the basement are the rooms containing the Power Control Tanks and the control panels for the distribution of power throughout the city-state. Also located here are school rooms for primary grades and the machines for opening the mental understanding of the written and spoken language. Elevators run through the five floors of the Temple, the five lower levels and to the third level of the pyramid. Most of the walls are elaborately decorated, whether carved or molded from R&D plastic. All heat is radiated from floors, walls and ceilings.

There are no light fixtures, as light too is radiated from floors, walls and ceilings. A push of a button chooses the kind of light that is desired. In here there is no difference between night and day because one has the choice of choosing the desired particular light. This same light source seems to revitalize the air and to act as a type of air conditioner as well.

Draftless, shadowless peace and quiet is here for rest and relaxation, study or contemplation, thought or concentration.

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