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The Federated States of Antarctica goes by several names.

Federated States

Similar to how the United States of America is commonly shortened to "United States," the Federated States of Antarctica can be shortened to "Federated States." Besides the Federated States of Antarctica, only one other nation to be called the "Federated States" is the Federated States of Micronesia, but this nation does not utilize the term "Federated States," leaving it open for Antarctica's sole use.


The Federated States of Antarctica be be abbreviated to "FSA," or even "FS."


Within the Federated States, the use of the word "Antarctica" is often synonymous with "Federated States of Antarctica," like within the United States. When referring to the continent without referring to the country, the term "Antarctic Continent" is used.


The Federated States of Antarctica has two commonly used demonyms: "Antarctic" and "Antarctican." The most used and primary demonym is "Antarctica" (which is also the adjectival form). The term "Antarctican" can also be used, but is more for the use of a person or citizen of Antarctica. Antarcticans refer to everywhere outside of Antarctica as "Off-Continent".

Foreign names

Language Abbreviation Official name Shortened name Colloquial
Russian ФША Федеративные Штаты Антарктиды Федеративные Штаты Антарктида
FShA Federativnyye Shtaty Antarktidy Federativnyye Shaty Antarktida
Spanish EFA Estados Federados de Antártida Estados Federados Antártida

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Federated States of Antarctica

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