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The Federated States of Antarctica currently has one official political party, whose ideology has formed the basis of the Constitution and founding laws of the nation. Since the Federation is not intended as a one-party state, it is likely that other parties will form. However, in a nation founded by left-wing progressives and socialists, the ideological division between the two major parties is likely to be between the issues of state socialism vs. collective socialism. Currently, the Workers' Party of Antarctica represents the social democratic, libertarian-socialist world view. A hypothetical Red Party has been theorized to represent a future party with more traditional Marxist-Lenininst leaning.

A White Party (Antarctic version of the "Green" Party) is highly likely, given that left-wing people tend to favor environmental causes. A Capitalist party (analogous to Republicans and "Blue-dog" Democrats) is also likely, though probably not as prominent or powerful as in the United States.

Political Parties

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