Prince Gustav Borough, Alyeska

Flag of Prince Gustav Borough, Alyeska
Prince Gustav Borough Incorporated Areas
Location of Prince Gustav Borough

63°38'23.17"S 57°34'4.11"W

Country: Flag of the Federated States of Antarctica Federated States
State: Flag of Alyeska Alyeska
Seat: Port Ross
Incorporated cities: 3
Assembly: 5 members
Time zone: Papa Time Zone (UTC-3)
Area code(s): 85
Post code(s): 9401-9429

Prince Gustav Borough, in the state of Alyeska, is the home of the West Coast's main sea port. The borough is located on several islands in Prince Gustav Channel, as well as the mainland Antarctic Peninsula.


Prince Gustav Borough is governed by a mayor (elected every three years) and an Assembly (elected every three years with staggered terms). The borough uses the strong mayor form of municipal government. The borough does not have a judicial branch, as all courts in the state of Alyeska are state-level courts. The borough also does not have a law enforcement apparatus. Cities are responsible for their own police departments, and any unincorporated part of the borough is patrolled by Alyeska State Patrol.

Borough government is responsible for schools, libraries, parks, transportation, and health care.

The seat of government is located in Port Ross.

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