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The Federated States of Antarctica is a federation made up of seven states and one federal district. Like other federations, each state of the FSA acts as a federated state, acting as their own sovereign state.


Flag State Code Capital Area
Flag of Alyeska.svg Alyeska AE Hillcrest 24,000
Flag of Amundsen.svg Amundsen AM Amundsen City 400,000
Flag of Bellinsgauzenia.svg Bellinsgauzenia BG Amery 2,100,000
Flag of New South Greenland.svg New South Greenland SG Ellsworth 650,000
Flag of New Swabia.svg New Swabia NS Shackleton 1,200,000
Flag of Polaria.svg Polaria PO Hillary 800,000
Flag of Victoria Land.svg Victoria Land VL Darwin 600,000

Federal districts

Flag State Postal Capital Largest Claimed area Total area Mayor Senate
Flag of Terra Nova.svg Capital District CD Terra Nova Terra Nova 12 12 Office open 1

Etymology of the States

State name Language of origin Word of origin Meaning and Notes
Alyeska Aleut alaxsxaq "Mainland" (literally "the object towards which the action of the sea is directed"). The name is the generally recognized Anglicised name for Alaska.
Amundsen Norwegian After Roald Amundsen (the first man to reach the south pole).
Bellinsgauzenia Russian Беллисгаузен After Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen (literally "the land of Bellingshausen").
New Swabia German Neuschwabenland Calque of German Neuschwabenland. The name Swabia most likely comes from the Suebi, meaning "one's own" people."
New South Greenland English Named after a speculative land named by Benjamin Morrell, that was later found to be nonexistent.
Polaria Latin "Land of the Pole"
Victoria Land English After Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom