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Type: Broadcast television
Country: Federated States of Antarctica
Headquarters: McMurdo City, Victoria Land
CEO: To be decided by viewer election
Website tva.aa.

TVA is the planned national public television broadcast network in the Federated States of Antarctica. TVA stands for Television Antarctica and is part of the corporate umbrella brand Antarctic Public Broadcasting, which also includes APT (Antarctic Public Television), APR (Antarctic Public Radio), TPA (Television Publica Antartida), a Spanish-language networks TAE (Television Antartida Español), and a Russian-language network TAR (Телевидение Антарктиде Русский Televideniye Antarktidye Russkiy).

TVA Networks

There are several planned "diginets" to be broadcast on TVA channels, mostly containing network programming from the United States.

Logo Network Channel Programming type
TVA TVA 1 Original programming
TVA.2 TVA 2 2 Network, syndicated
TVA.3 TVA 3 3 Network, syndicated
TVA.4 TVA 4 4 Network, syndicated
TVA.5 TVA 5 5 Network, syndicated
TVA HD TVA News 6 24-hour news (similar to CNN)
TVA News TVA Sports 7 Sports (similar to ESPN)
TVA Sports TVA Scene 9 Music (similar to VH1, MTV)
Local 8,10,12 Independent, locally-run

APT Networks


Network Channel Programming type
APT 11 Public broacasting (PBS-type)
Cinema 13
Science & Nature 14
Life & Health 15
Arts & Culture 16
Kids 17
World 18
Weather 19

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