Unorganized Borough, Alyeska

Location of Unorganized Borough, Alyeska
Location of Unorganized Borough

64°57'5.57"S 60°36'5.10"W

Country: Flag of the Federated States of Antarctica Federated States
State: Flag of Alyeska Alyeska
Seat: Hillcrest
Incorporated cities: 3
Time zone: Papa Time Zone, Quincy Time Zone
Area code(s): 69, 85
Post code(s): 9450-9469, 9590-9599

The Unorganized Borough in Alyeska is the portion of the state that is not part of any organized, incorporated borough. It includes the incorporated communities of Graham, Weddell, and Coronation, as well as all way stations and road houses along the Transantarctic Highway System within the state. As it has no government, the state government is directly responsible for functions normally served by a borough government.

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