Vega Island Borough, Alyeska

Flag of Vega Island Borough, Alyeska
Vega Island Borough Incorporated Areas
Location of Vega Island Borough

63°59'33.16"S 57°39'14.86"W

Country: Flag of the Federated States of Antarctica Federated States
State: Flag of Alyeska Alyeska
Seat: Las Laderas
Incorporated cities: 6
Assembly: 9 members
Time zone: Papa Time Zone (UTC-3)
Area code(s): 94
Post code(s): 9301-9369

Vega Island Borough is a borough in the state of Alyeska.


Vega Island Borough is governed by a mayor (elected every three years) and an Assembly (elected every three years with staggered terms). The borough uses the strong mayor form of municipal government. The borough does not have a judicial branch, as all courts in the state of Alyeska are state-level courts. The borough also does not have a law enforcement apparatus. Cities are responsible for their own police departments, and any unincorporated part of the borough is patrolled by Alyeska State Patrol.

Borough government is responsible for schools, libraries, parks, transportation, and health care.

The seat of government for the borough is located in Las Laderas.


Vega Island Borough encompasses Vega Island proper in its entirety, along with the northeastern peninsula of James Ross Island (with the exception of the Hillcrest Municipality.

Major divisions

Vega Island Borough consists of two main areas (incorporated communities listed):

Adjacent Boroughs

Transportation Infrastructure

The borough has a road connecting the communities of The Island. Transantarctic 5 Connects the cities of The Peninsula. The borough also has monorails and a bus system.


  • Transantarctic 5 (James Ross Freeway): Main route from Astoria to Erebus through Magellan and Hillcrest.
  • Vega Boulevard: Main route connecting cities of The Island, from Adelie to Punta Brava


  • Island Line: Adelie, Bellevue, Ensenada
  • Peninsula Line: Las Laderas, Erebus


  • Bellevue-Magellan Ferry
  • Las Laderas-Bellevue Ferry
  • Las Laderas-San Cayetano Ferry


Primary Schools

The floor of each residential building has its own primary school room. These schools are administered as Vega Island Primary Schools

Middle Schools

There are two middle schools for each high school.

High Schools

  • Island High School
  • Las Laderas High School

Community Colleges

  • Island Community College
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